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TWU Communes



A vision of The World United is to form communes for commUNITY living. Just as the sun shines down on the canopy of trees, and then on the branches and trunk of the tree, so does this movement spiral in from fostering community at global levels, to strengthening unity at national, state and local levels. The envisioned communes will bring a new consciousness to the philosophy of oneness prevalent in many cultures, such as:

Udaar charitanam Vasudev Kutumbakam (To the large hearted, the whole world is family). -
Mitakuye Oyasin (All my relations)- Lakota
In Lak'ech (I am another you) – Maya
Ubuntu (I am because we are( – (Humanity) - Zulu

  • To research and disseminate spirituality as an art and as a science, which includes pure spirituality and spirituality applied to various transformational sciences like health, education, business & management, environment, governance etc to people of all walks of life.
  • To establish awakened communes in every village, town and city of the world where spiritual seekers and leaders from diverse schools of spiritual thought across the world live together for the purpose of collective work towards global peace and harmony, instead of living in closed wall houses, scattered across the globe.
  • To establish various institutes enlivened by spiritual principles related to education (gurukul), holistic health (integrated healing units), spiritual research institutes (bio-feedback, energy mapping, ESP), home for Elders, small scale industries, natural farming, etc.
  • To educate people in terms of health-enhancing lifestyles with increased happiness and spiritual quotients by way of conducting various transformative educative events and camps.

The development of various wings of THE WORLD UNITED commune contains

  • Meditation centre which will be the icon of each commune
  • Infrastructure for schools and various education centres
  • Small Scale industries of developing various crafts, ayurvedic products, soaps, incense etc
  • Holistic health hub
  • Human-made Lake/s and pools
  • Lotus ponds
  • Social forestry allowing various animals live with us so as to make it an ecosystem on its own
  • Meadows, natural grass lawns, parks, greenery
  • Common kitchens and dining spaces
  • Play areas
  • Rooms for residents and guests – eco–friendly structures with natural substances like rock, mud and wood, bamboo etc
  • Rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment and water management methods