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Logo Of TWU


Hubert Hirthe
The logo of THE WORLD UNITED is based on macrocosmic and microcosmic universes

In the macrocosmic universe the three rings of the logo are depicted by the Dyson Sphere which encircle the black hole and which is energy harvester, drawing down energy from a black hole.

The concept of a Dyson sphere was popularized by theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson in the 1960s as a solution to the problem of power consumption that exceeds the capabilities of a civilization's planet. The sphere itself is built around the planetary system's star – a mega structure that harvests the star's energy at the source.

The one thing above all others that black holes are known for is their powerful gravitational field that slurps up everything that draws close enough, and doesn't let it out again

In the microcosmic universe, the three rings are represented by the movement of electrons around the nucleus which contain the proton and the neutron

The movement of the electrons is depicted by the creative consciousness called as Brahmaand the protons are represented by the sustaining or nourishing consciousness known as Vishnu and the neutral charge depicted by the Shiva consciousness

Inside the three rings is the earth in blue color and the dyson rings or the rings of electron are in saffron color which stands for the unity consciousness of sanatana dharma