CMSE 2013


The following are the list of speakers who have confirmed their participation. Confirmation is awaited from some more eminent personalities.

Guiding Light Dadashreeji, A Spiritual Master, Guide & True Friend - on an Incarnate of Simplicity, Love & Divinity (Founder Visionary, MaitriBodh Parivaar)
Dr Yugandhar GR, Spiritual Guide and Pioneer in Transformational Medicine, on Healing thru Hara
Dr Varun Raju, Laparoscopic Surgeon, on Spectrum of Healing
Osho Shivo, Spiritual Alchemist, on Sexual Healing
Allan Chuck, World Representative of Love, Peace & Harmony Movement on Divine Healing Hands
Dr AK Purohit, Chief of Neurosurgery, NIMS, on Eastern and Western strengths to meet the challenges of present health of the society
Andre Riehl, Yoga Teacher , on Nidra Yoga
Estha Divine, Musician, on Healing thru Music
Neeta Sharma, Spiritual Regressionist, on Conversation with disease or affected organs
Darryl D'Souza, Healer, on Acupressure for Diagnosis & Healing
Dr Anil Vasireddy, ENT Surgeon on Genomeopathy
Sujata Potay, Psychologist on Spiritual Parenting
VK Prasad Rao, Metaphysical enthusiast on Tachyon healing
Pallavi Velugu, healer on Access Bar Consciousness
Blossom Furtado , healer on Reconnecting with your inner resources thru regression
Sonnal Pardiwala , Healer on Healing with Crystals
Dr Vijay Krishnan, Certified Professional Midwife on Water birthing babies
Leona Luiza, certifies hypnotherapist on Hypnotherapy for well-being
Devaki Rao Healer on Theta Healing
Dr Gangadhar Rao, Pediatrician on Children Health and Spiritual Healing
Suman Sayani, exponent in community medicine on Healing thru relationships
Maryam Patel, Vegan activist on Veganism for healthy living
Dr B Laxmi, therapist on Flower Therapy
Yogacharya Koteshwar rao, Yoga teacher on Therapeutic aspects of yoga
Shirish Virkar , exponent of healing through meditation on Meditation for health
Acharya Wenkat, healer on Bio-energetics



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