Dr Yugandhar GR
Dr. Yugandhar GR is an awakened one on the path of spiritual mastery, a visionary and also a Pioneer in Transformational Medicine. He has dedicated his life for the awakening of human consciousness, which he calls as spirituality. He is trained as a General Surgeon in the Conventional System of Medicine.

Philosophy of THE WORLD UNITED

The foremost principle of THE WORLD UNITED is the understanding that everyone and everything is connected. Individuals and communities scattered across the globe, who are working in their diverse fields to make the world a better place, will be able to meet their goals and "do less and accomplish more" if their efforts are coordinated. Imagine what our planet would be like if we were all working in harmony as a unit in the highest sense of brotherhood together?!

Imagine Scientists, Spiritual Leaders, Doctors, Economists, Environmentalists, Educators, etc working in tandem together for the betterment of the world.

Gandhi said it best when he said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

"When two people come together to give maximum, both receive maximum"

The time has come for all of us to realize our "Oneness".

Imagine a world where all of the enlightened leaders come together to co-ordinate with one another to create a New Earth. This is the aim of THE WORLD UNITED.

Gautama Buddha told the world that he would return to the earth after 2,500 years in the form of Maitreya Buddha to help mankind free them from suffering.

If Buddha were to be reborn, he would obviously prefer to take birth in the form of "Maitri" which means friendship, cementing all the forces working for truth and transformation to create Buddha hood.

THE WORLD UNITED is attempting to create or become that "Maitri" to fill the void and to reinforce the unity in a multitude of diversities.

Let us join hands to make this dream come true.


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