Dr Yugandhar GR
Dr. Yugandhar GR is an awakened one on the path of spiritual mastery, a visionary and also a Pioneer in Transformational Medicine. He has dedicated his life for the awakening of human consciousness, which he calls as spirituality. He is trained as a General Surgeon in the Conventional System of Medicine.

Our Vision Of “The World United”

We believe it is possible for all of us to live in a peaceful world. That will only happen when peace is established in our personal lives.

As our personal wars end, as we begin to access more and more of our innate creativity and intelligence with the ability to come from a loving place, we will begin to see our world transform. There are ancient texts that describe a time when life was lived in abundance. Many Western scholars dismiss these descriptions as myths. We believe they are no more myths than if our current world was described to someone living in the 8th century.

Our world will blossom in ways we cannot even imagine as we begin to discover and live life from the level of unbounded, infinite creativity and intelligence that is our true nature. That nature has been covered up, hidden by the accumulation of concepts, beliefs and stories we've told ourselves that are simply not true. As we begin to open to a world of unconditional love and infinite possibilities, we will start to see the impossible become possible.

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