Dr Yugandhar GR
Dr. Yugandhar GR is an awakened one on the path of spiritual mastery, a visionary and also a Pioneer in Transformational Medicine. He has dedicated his life for the awakening of human consciousness, which he calls as spirituality. He is trained as a General Surgeon in the Conventional System of Medicine.

Aims and Objectives

To promote the view that the entire cosmos and all that exists within it are interrelated and interdependent and that nothing exists in isolation.

To facilitate Inner Transformation among people of all nationalities, religions, race, castes, color and creeds.

To see that spirituality becomes undercurrent for all the transformational areas of human awakening like health, education, environment, economics. politics, arts music, etc., to the highest level possible by facilitating various workshops, seminars and conferences on spirituality worldwide.

Aims & Objectives
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